SARDINE AND CARROT SALAD (said with Portuguese accent)

Sardine Salad..I hope
Sardine Salad..I hope

Well I decided to delay cleaning the fridge for a while because of taking a good foto without flash but lunch time came and I thought what to have that seriously needed eating up.
There was some Portuguese sardine and carrot salad and I was wondering if it was still ok, still as the Jamaicans say”what don’t kill  make fat,”

I decided to have it with avocado, tomatoes and fresh basil salad with apple cider vinegar and olive oil, it was super delicious and no starchy carbs, trying to cut out starchy carbs for the next few days, you will see why soon inshallah, so far so good,alhmdulilah.


This recipe really makes an ordinary tin of sardines goes along way

1 tin of sardines, there are 3 small fish inside.

2 grated carrots

1 dollop of mayonnaise

salt and pepper and a splash of hot pepper sauce


Mash the sardines to break up and mix through other ingredients.

have in sandwiches or on its one with a salad, enough for 2 rounds of sandwiches or 3 rounds sparing , you could always add more salad in the sandwiches like lettuce, very nice and economical,  healthy and tasty 🙂

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