Last year I was asked to take part in the live below the line global challenge where you have to eat and drink for a meager  1 pound aday, the benefits of it were amazing but seriously more like 3 pound would have been nicer, not luxurious but nicer, however it was great for my Pmt which was non extinct…hmmm ladies!

Insha’allah I’ll be doing it again but right now I’m in warm up mode and have signed myself up to this Guardian challenge of just eating whats in my fridge for a week and not buying anything else all week.

The initial hook says live on what’s in your fridge but the blog is people eating what in their cupboards and freezer as well.

So really  I need to eat what I’ve got and just buy fresh fruit  and veggie when they run out, I have enough flour and grain to feed the 50,ooo alhmdulilah, so no more bread and cakes buying but making.

As a die hard foodie, all praise is due to the Creator, my fridge is always packed, with nuts and grain , left over food plastic, I must have Viking ancestors or its that remnant of  British World War II  mum’s and  grandma’s reminder in the echoes of my brain that make me remember, “waste not want not.”

Hmmm my fridge, it’s like one of those eclectic global music festivals like Womad, bright and vicious but a bit grungy.I’m always dashing in and out of the house or flat on my back in recovery mode, I have cleaning lady who is great but doesn’t have time to clean the fridge, so first thing first the fridge needs a good clean out, I was watching a life hacks video this morning about making your own cleaning products so me think I’m going to knock together some white spite vinegar, always in the house{online 29th march 2014]

in a spray bottle 1/3 white vinegar, 2/3 water and a drop of washing up liquid, voila all purpose cleaner

let the games begin,

Live Better Challenge:Less Food Waste
Live Better Challenge:Less Food Waste

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