FOODIE FUSS…There’s a lot of fuss being made right now over Korean food, touting it as  “the perfect food diet health plate.”

 The best thing about Korean food, if the truth be told, is kimchi, a fermented vegetable pickle, full of natural acidophilus good bacteria for stomach. The Bi Bim Bap Recipe is a Korean melange in a bowl, where you get to choose from a healthy starch like rice, some protein, vegetables and a fermented pickle, however looking at some people’s version of Bi Bim Bap , the combo is far from healthy.

Bi Bim Bap-Too Much Meat
Bi Bim Bap-Too Much Meat

½ pound in weight =0.225 kilograms

1 pound in weight = 0.5 kilo approximately

This is what The Perfect Health Diet claims to be the right amount of animal protein we should eat a day

Bi Bim Bap-Too Much Meat
Bi Bim Bap-Too Much Meat

I’m sure with some Islamic modification, the equation and portions adjustment, it would be tasty as well as beneficial for health.

However love food hates waste suggest the figure for animal protein consumption should be half that amount, about 100=150 grammes.

At the end of the day its up to you , however im guided by the tradtions of our beloved prophet muhamd, salah la lahi wa salem, who didn’t eat meat every day  or venr every wek some tiems not evern for month.

Narrated Urwa: Aisha said to me, “O my nephew! We used to see the crescent, and then the crescent and then the crescent in this way we saw three crescents in two months and no fire (for cooking) used to be made in the houses of Allah’s Apostle. I said, “O my aunt! Then what use to sustain you?” ‘Aisha said, “The two black things: dates and water, our neighbors from Ansar had some Manarh and they used to present Allah’s Apostle some of their milk and he used to make us drink.”  ( BUKHARI Book #47, Hadith #741)

The over consumption of meat leads to cancer , heart disease, gout and many other fatal diseases.

Don’t just accept the latest food fad, use that amazing brain and learnt to cross reference the information you are being presented with.



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