By Karimah Bint Dawoud


Today is the 1st day of one of the sacred Islamic month; it’s the first day of the first month in the Islamic calendar, the month of Muharaam.

How many of us actually know that is the significance of this month?                                

Muharam means forbidden and what is forbidden in this month all unlawful acts especially the shedding of blood, however this is one of those month where these things are forbidden. it’s interesting and worth a ponder to ask oneself, to ask scholars and I said scholar, not just one scholar with a limited mentality, was this one of the months that the prophet Muhammad Salah la alaihi wa salem, not eat meat, it’s funny in this ummah when a person puts forward an Islamic idea like not eating meat all the time, that the ignorant majority start stating, implying that we are advocating that Muslims becomes vegetarian.

But what is the true tafsir of not shedding blood during this month?

Generosity in this month, you would be a fool in to be stingy in this month as there is a blessing from Allah on the substance of the coming year to one who is generous to his family during this month. I am not sure of Quran and Sunnah of this as the reference of from Monthly profile of THE ISLAMIC CALENDAR BYJAMEA PUBLICTIONS, However with Karimah as my name sake; I know there is no down side of being generous.

Abu Qataaada(the sahaba radiahu anhu) has related that the prophet muhammd  Salah la alaihi wa salem is reported to have said “it is my thought  that one who fasts on the 10th of this month, his sins will be expatiate for the past  year.

Some pretty amazing thing happened in this month

Adam alaihi wa salem, was born in this month and he entered paradise on the 10th of this month.

Ayuub, alaihi wa salem, was cured of his illness in this month

A way was made for Bani Israeal in this month

Suleiman, alaihi wa Salem, was crowned king in this month

The oceans and heavens were created reference Tanbihul-Gaafillen reference)

Hadhrat Hussein was martyred in this month

The prophet muhammd salah al alaihi wa salem went to defeat Bani Muhaarib and Bani Tha’lab in this month

And finally but most importantly the day of judgement, the final day will take place on the 10th muharam so you can see when we start to implement things like fasting on this month 10th day, being generous the whole month and abstain from shedding blood then Inshallah we will be ready if it happens in our life time, if not then we will keep up the Islamic sunnah, the tradition and impart this information to the next generation.

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  1. sabr33n says:

    subhanAllah, my friend and I were just talking about this. Someone actually came to her and said that not eating meat is haram!!!!!! la howla wa la quwata illeh billeh

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