NO “MEAT “ FOR 365

NO  “MEAT “ FOR 365

By Karimah Bint Dawoud, Muslim chaplain and well being writer.

Portuguese Sheep's Head
Portuguese Sheep’s Head

As the last of Hajj Eid’s meat finally finishes, the moon of Dhul Hijjah is waning and the new moon of the new Islamic year starts with the lunar month of Muharram, meaning “forbidden” but that’s another story, another soon coming post insha’allah. It about time I set my self a big challenge .

As a food champion this has been on the cards for some time. I have foodie friends, health foodie friends, veggie friends and raw foodie friends and I have told them all that I will not be a vegetarian again Insh’Allah. I’m a Muslim! Its nearly twelve years since Allah guided me to embrace Islam, for myself and my own spiritual development.

We are allowed, as Muslims, to eat meat as long as it is halal but over the years as I have studied and learned more about the Islamic diet, I have learned that food should be “halal” and “tayab”, that means “lawful” and “good”.

Most of the halal meat we eat does not comply with what our beloved prophet Muhammad  salah lahu alaihi wa salaam would consider to be good. He showed concern for animal welfare that is a part of the Islamic lifestyle. I have to ask myself this question “does the factory farming of animals give them their rights?”  and “is this something our beloved prophet would have approved of?”

This meat may fit in, a round about way ,to what is halal  but it certainly isn’t good.

The only thing that makes it “technically”  halal is the way it’s killed but not the conditions in which it is kept. Even the way  the animals are killed is exactly like non Islamic or kosher meat, animals being stunned in a conveyor belt style , which is not Islamic .

The following video, mercy halal Islamic slaughter, is the correct way to get the animals to submit to the name of Allah and in kindness and as the brother rightly says

“ no panic hormones!”…37386.53543.0.53756.…0.0…1ac.1.kG3kyxspCsg&has_verified=1#


When an animal is killed in the usual unIslamic way,  these stress hormones and panic hormones are released into the meat and pass on to us if we eat the meat with these hormones in it. This is why we see those people who eat too much meat, which is most of us in the western world, have an excess of fear  which manifests itself in many negative way. Women and men are both affected by this.


So healer heal thy self, my challenge from this hajj Eid onwards is to eat only vegetarian and fish dishes, I will not buy meat, chicken lamb, beef or quail, nothing until the Eid celebration after Ramadhan  and then the Eid after hajj.


I will buy organically farmed and killed meat Insh’Allah from somewhere, probably Willow Brook farm, the Islamic farm. I’ll  eat meat if I go to a wedding or an aquiqa but  not other events and I don’t actually go to many weddings and aquiqas. Over the next few month Insh’Allah I will post on this blog my challenges, recipes , how I feel health wise and my reaction when I do eat meat.

We know that meat is permitted to us, but as we go forward to a time where no man has gone before we need  new  skills from old teachings, the ways of our beloved prophet Muhammad , salah lahu alaihi wa salaam, who ate no meat for over two months, who loved animals and who, when he ate meat, ate that which was organic and good.

I ask Allah to make this journey easy for those already on it and give us the strength to purify ourselves and our livity / our Islamic deen.  Ameen

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  1. dawooduthman says:

    Aameen and aameen. Intresting fact! Alhamdulillaah you brought this to our attention. It’s paramount we have prior knowledge of where we get our meat. Imagine people that take pork? No wonder some men act like pigs due to eating pork. Jazakiallaahu khairan once again sister Karimah.

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