By Karimah Bint Dawoud, Muslim Chaplain & Wellbeing Writer.

Raw Sushi by Irena Arango
Raw Sushi by Irena Arango

Sushi is one of those things, you love it or you hate the idea of it and are too caught up in your own culture to try it. Alhamdulillah I don’t have that problem so I luuuurrrve it!

I had a nutritional blood test a few years ago when I went to have hijaama, Islamic wet cupping therapy. The blood test revealed that I shouldn’t have wheat, though the NHS blood test differs but I know from how I feel that when I eat wheat my stomach hurts , my headaches and my joints get inflamed.

 The nutritionist gave me a diet sheet that cut out many things but included seaweed rice and salmon, that’s means sushi in my book. It was my intention last year 2011 to make sushi; I ate loads of commercial sushi, even bought the rolling mat, rice and seaweed but still no home-made sushi.

My Home-made Fish Sushi
My Home-made Fish Sushi

However you never know who is going to come into your life, at what point and for what reason.

As I have got more into food, health and nutrition I have started to gravitate to other people who have an interested in healthy eating and a healthy  way of life, these people are mostly non-Muslim, it’s bit sad really but insha’allah we’ll catch up.

I have a wonderful raw foodie friend called Irena Arango, she is a vibrant Spanish spirit who is deeply and seriously in to raw food, she has a raw food business worth checking out called Bliss Bites. She makes the best raw lasagne I have ever tasted and remember honeys, I’m the number 1 amazon halal cook writer, for the cynics, and there are at least 47 in the category internally, so I know my food.

She also teaches how to make raw food sushi? How can you have raw sushi, surely you have to cook the rice? You do but for raw she uses something else but you will have to go to her workshop to find out

She is a big fan of my fotography  and food styling so we decided to support each other in her teaching me sushi and me teaching her a bit more about white balance.

I actually need to eat sushi to get well, over Eid I have been eating too much meat which is not recommended for my temperament and have been feeling quite queasy.

My Home-made Fish Sushi
My Home-made Fish Sushi

Irena and I had a wonderful, productive and creative time and I got to eat fresh sushi and my own fresh raw tuna rolls. It’s so good making your own fresh sushi because you can put in all sorts of fillings. I made fish ones because  that’s eating right for my blood type. As well as the usual sushi rolls, Irena showed me how to make inverted Californian rolls, with  the rice on the outside, which  we decorated with black as well as white sesame seeds, we had great fun and just look at the fotos, mashallah (as The Creator would have it be!)


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