By Karimah bint Dawoud, Food Writer and Muslim Chaplain.

Poached Eggs
Poached Eggs

Poached eggs are great for Saturday morning brunch; they’re light and easier to eat than boiled eggs. They are one of those things even a culinary genius like me 🙂 has to call their significant elder, my mum, and ask her how to make them. My mum makes the best poached eggs, that is after Delia and the Churchill Hotel.

I have spent ages researching how to make poached egg and according to kitchen mistress, Delia it all depends on the freshness of the eggs, which can be a bit off putting unless you live on a  farm or down the road from a farm shop.

Sorry Delia, with all respect, we can make nice poached eggs with a little less than fresh eggs and here’s how, according to mum.

You will need a small frying pan, a stainless metal ring mould, salt vinegar and hot water, oh yes and eggs.

Put the kettle on and boil, then place poaching ring in frying pan and turn heat on, add boiling water , ½ tea spoon of sea salt and 10 ml of vinegar.It doesn’t have to be your best vinegar, just cheap malt vinegar will do the trick.

Break the egg gently with a knife not on the side of the pan, with hot water boiling away, because that’s dangerous. Drop the egg into the mould and allow to boil for 3-5 minutes, you may want to cover with a lid but we found when we took the lid off it was a bit scummy, maybe the malt vinegar, Inshallah next time we will use spirit vinegar or even lemon juice….hmmm, when all the white of the egg has become solid the egg is ready, gently tip the water away, using a spatula or any flat utensil gently get the egg out of the pan and plate up.

Science is now proving what Islamic Medicine has been saying for hundreds of years; eggs are good for your heart, your throat, your chest. Ibn Sina said the temperament of egg yolks is hot and moist and gives laudable blood. It gives mild nourishment and is easily digested.

There is more white in the egg than yolk so actual quantity of white and yolk has to be considered when measuring nutritional benefit.

Ibn Sina also said the egg yolk soothes pain, it smoothes the throat and trachea, it is beneficial for the throat an coughs, ulcers of the lung kidney and bladder.

Modern science has confirmed that eggs are good for your heart, it’s not the cholesterol alone that affects the heart, and it is poor metabolism and I would add the method of cooking, frying as opposed to poaching or boiling will heap nasty  free radical into our system so avoid when possible.

Not eating breakfast can contribute to poor metabolism because the body thinks its starving and metabolism slows down, only to be bombarded with a big meal later on in the day.

Amore Islamic suggested way to start the day is – Water, then herb tea with honey, then juice then brunch, breakfast like  king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper, there is wisdom in these old saying and some of us and still old school enough to realise this. Alhmdulilah.


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  1. Nawaf says:

    Dear sister Karimah,
    Since you are expert in foods as I can tell, do you have any recepie that reduces cholestrol on one hand and gases on the other?
    It would also be useful for readers
    Jazakellah Khairan

    1. as salam alaikum, inshallah i can advice you, im a littel busy for a while now, but please remind me again in a weeks time, until then you must apply quran and sunnah to your stomach,

      first make duaa that allah will help you change and get bettter then……..

      – eat smaller portions – eat more salad with your meals, – less spicy – more fish and sea food – less fried

      please study my blog there is a lot of good health tips, jazakumalkhayr karimah

      1. Nawaf says:

        Jazaki Allah khairan

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