By Karimah bint Dawoud, Muslim Chaplain & Well Being Writer,


Veggie Burgers
Veggie Burgers

So many things have been building up to a major change, I have for weeks been under gentle veggie pressure from friends and family to invent some new veggie recipes. Having been Rasta for 7 years and a pan African Egyptologist for 2 years, I have been through the stages of pescatarian, vegetarian, and vegan progressively and disciplined.

Embracing Islam was a red light  to eat some much need meat, however assimilating into the food culture born Muslims  helped me put on weight and exacerbated my health problems. In Clinical Nutrition there is a theory called The General Adaption Syndrome; the body adapts to what it is fed, over time manifests reaction to it, becomes ill and the person can either continue eating the way they are and taking compound medicine or they can use illness to purify their system of the harmful imputs, the harmful things they have been eating.

Some of us have chosen the latter road, which is inspiring some very creative ways of re-creating old recipes for this time.

These vegetarian recipes are to support the Islamic idea of eating less meat , however when meat is eaten , that it should come from truly organic halal sources, which Inshallah we will cover soon.

The Prophet Muhammad Ate No Meats For Months

(6) Narrated Urwa: Aisha said to me, “O my nephew! We used to see the crescent, and then the crescent and then the crescent in this way we saw three crescents in two months and no fire (for cooking) used to be made in the houses of Allah’s Apostle. I said, “O my aunt! Then what use to sustain you?” ‘Aisha said, “The two black things: dates and water, our neighbors from Ansar had some Manarh and they used to present Allah’s Apostle some of their milk and he used to make us drink.”  ( BUKHARI Book #47, Hadith #741)


These  new veggie recipes, are not going to be  just give on Facebook because we want you to be part of my new book and help us by testing them and giving  feedback, please write to us  if you would like to be an official tester,, thank you


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  1. Nawaf says:

    You are so educated and have wide knowledge. I assue, you a good reader!
    How do you spend your day,

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