By Karimah bint Dawoud, Muslim chaplain, ECO warrior & All Round Good Egg mashallah!

Authour of “Heavenly Bites, The Best Of Muslim Home Cooking”


There are somethings that you just can’t get in your local big massive, I feel overwhelmed superstore… skincare that hasn’t been tested on animals and doesn’t contain BP’s over spill petroleum like most of the stuff we put on our skin.

Dr Robert O Young, says 

“If You Can’t Eat It, Don’t Put It On Your Skin”

This blog is worth reading

A short stroll down Westbourne Grove, from Notting Hill Gate, is the wonderful and ever expanding Planet Organic, which seems to be going from strength to strength as people’s consciousness opens and becomes more holistic.

There are other things that you can find in there like organic chard, a beautiful green leafy vegetable with bright pink or yellow stems, stuff I should eat after I had my nutritional blood test.


I just love the vibe there, it’s so refined hippy progressive. I saw all sort of humous including beetroot humous, very inspiring. There are freshly sprouted shoots, amazing dates and loads of wonderful fruit and fresh, a juice bar that sells wheat grass juice ; a great pick me up and there is a café. Some where I like to go with brothers for our first public meeting. I like to see how they react to this environment.

This is another place that you really need time to slowly meander through its aisles. But I didn’t have time or really had loads to do, so I bought some veggies and skin care  and went on my way alhmdulilah.I thought I would share this with you just in case you are in Grove its worth a look.


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