By Karimah Bint Dawoud, Muslim Chaplain & Well Being Writer

Worried about my bad circulation and threatening DVT which turned out to be maybe a trapped nerve, my raw foodie friend from BLISS BITES, arrived outside my door with bundles of beetroots to improve my circulation and good for my heart, she told me.
There’s a bit of a runny tummy bug going round and I have already eaten too much today, it’s not necessary to have another meal when you have already had two in day and your tummy is a bit delicate.
Juice provides a healthy alternative.
Hmmmm, grateful for her gifts but a bit beetroot up to here, what do we do with these beetroots to take them out of the norm.
It sounded a bit weird and I looked for affirmation on Sheikh Google, I was thinking strawberries, beetroots celery and apple, I know I’m a bit weird but not as weird as it seems.
Beetroot, strawberry and celery is an already live and kicking combo.
So here you have it folks, our version.Individually juiced to form this beautiful glass of goodness.

StrawBeet Juice
StrawBeet Juice

2 raw beets washed and chopped(good for circulation, anti-oxidant, tonic, good for cleaning arteries)
1 punnet of strawberries complete with fresh green tops(high in vitamin C, anti-oxidant)
1 bunch of celery washed and scrubbed and brown tops cut off ( calming and cleansing)

However if you give it a good stir you get this sizzling cerise pink juice, the colour alone enough to make anyone feel a bit more chipper.

Strawbeet Juice
Strawbeet Juice

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  1. Fernand says:

    Looks delicious! Do you mix it with water or any other liquid to make it less thick?

    1. good question! yes definately normally as we are juicing to clean the juicer we run filtered water through the funnel where you enter fruit after we have added the raw beetroot . this flushes out the intense beetroot pieces and we add this tot eh rest of the juice, but you can just add water after and stir, once again thank you

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