by Karimah bint Dawoud, Muslim Chaplain and well being writer.

I love honey as you all know and advocate taking honey in the mornings with warm water or herbal tea as its  sunnah of the beloved Prophet Muhammad , salah ala alahi wa salem.

I was recently asked by sistar who was diabetic about honey and it was something I  wasn’t not sure of, however since then i found this brilliant article  “Honey for diabetes? Yes!” that is worth a read for all muslim diabetic who intend to follow this sunnah.

Its written by Dr. Ron Fessenden, MD, MPH

http://www.worldclassemprise.com/custom.aspx?id=21 This link may not be findable.

However there seems to be a difference of opinion on honey and diabetes, the Mayo Clinic in America say not diference between sugar and honey, however Eastern Naturopaths disagree, personally I go with their opinion as they have been practicing holisitc medcine for thousands of years.


Local Honey
Local Honey

Let me quote exactly what it say in the book medicine of the prophet salah alaihi wa salem, by Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah, translate by Penelope Johnston
“the prophet, salah ala alaihi wa salem, used to drink honey with water, on an empty stomach; herein lies a most notable secret for the preservation of health that is only to be grasped by the astute and discerning..this we shall mention, if God wills, under his guidance for the Preservation of Health.”

in the sunan of Ibn Maja,(marfu), from the hadith of Abu Harayra, radialahu anhu, it says,
” anyone who takes an electuary on three mornings of every month, he will not be touched by major affliction.” Ibn Maja. tibb,7.the isnad includes al -Zubayr Ibn Sa’id who is matruk
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An electuary is a medicinal paste composed of powders, or other medical ingredients, incorporated with sweeteners to hide the taste, like syrup, honey, jam, etc., for the purposes of oral consumption.
although the Indian has learnt how to crystallize sugar around 350 ad, it was not widely used in the Islamic world at the time of the prophet as honey was more readily available and known to be better, especially as it was mentioned in part of the revelation of the Quran when Allah talks about bees , one chapter dedicated purely to bees.

Health Care Disclaimer: The information contained in any alternative health care / spiritual healing article on health, is educational in nature and does not replace personal medical advice from health specialists. Acting on the information found in this or any educational health care article shared here is the right and responsibility of the reader. If you have health concerns, please consult with your chosen healthcare professional.


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