There Are Plenty Of Fish In The Sea – Catch 22

By Karimah bint Dawoud, muslim chaplain & well being writer.In the process of getting married again,having explored and experienced being a co wife to stingy misogynist, the wage earning wife of a passport hunter and the temporary wife of an emotionally unavailable serial “halal” marriage fling down brother, I have decided, after too many tears and an almost busted heart chakra to be more careful and cautious.

However it seems that unless you are prepared to ignore that he worships other than Allah, hasn’t spoke to his poor mum for 5 years even though he says he’s a sheikh, , doesn’t want me to meet his parents…it gets worse, its 4 foot 3 inches tall and think size doesn’t matter or is 150 kilos and I have to buy the food shopping.

I smile as I write this otherwise I would be crying , fed up of crying , all that salty water gives you wrinkles.


There seems to be nothing on the horizon except fish, fish and fish and loads of fish. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – there are plenty of fish in the sea, there are load of men out there looking to get married…
It’s not even an age thing; I get approached by gorgeous bearded toy boys looking for a yummy mummy but their mum still wants them to marry their cousin from bac’o’yard so she doesn’t want to meet me, another “no, no” to the toy boy then.
I listen to other young, beautiful, on the deen sisters, having to maneuver  through manure to land that one fish,  or was he just a figment of our imagination any way or “they just don’t make men that that anymore” fish. Maybe all the good ones are taken.
Are we looking for perfection? now that’s question. And a is reasoning from mediocre men who have not done much to improve their species for at least the last 500 years, resting on their chauvinistic laurels that man is the centre of the universe. No we are not feminists, we are Muslimahs, who aspire to a standard, an Islamic standard and alhamduliah we can read now and write –
It seems that unless you are prepared to act like butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth, lie and pretend,turn a blind eye to his shirk, his racist ignorant mother, marry in secret but risk a quickie divorce or pay your half of the bills, then we won’t be getting any TLC , tender loving care tonight baby…….may Allah comfort our hearts and give us pateince ameen.

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  1. Rachael says:

    Be patient Karimah. I hope you find a good one, but don’t take ANYTHING less than what you deserve.


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