By Karimah Bint Dawoud, Muslim Chaplain & Food Writer.
It was a lovely sunny day looking out over river Thames, from the radio recording booth of the long time arty and trendy Riverside Studios in Hammersmith. I had attend many art exhibitions here and one or two theatre performances. Alhamdulillah it was my turn to perform… you can listen to this Sound Cloud link to hear how it goes.

Food for Thought
Riverside Radio , Abaya Masoomah
I love the multiple meaning of the phrase ” Food For Thought ” and was delighted when Hindu foodie Anjul Dutt invited me to come to riverside radio for a tête a tête on her favorite subject, food and her chat show ” Food For Thought .

Riverside Studios
Riverside Studios

I love reasonable interfaith dialogue, finding out what we have in common with other religions, especially in my subject area and having the opportunity to give dowaa about one of my passions; Islamic medicine and nutrition.

Food for Thought is every Wednesday lunch time at 1-2pm, Riverside FM 87.7
May the Creator guide, bless and protect my long time friend Debbie Golt her ongoing support of what I do, ameen

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