By Karimah Bint Dawoud, Muslim Chaplain And & Well Being Writer.
Its irie man! Karimah’s Cuisina folk were ask to take part in Farm The City London event on the strength of our partnership with Meanwhile Gardens and the contents of our blog, alhamduliah.The event was the encourage the local community to grow in urban spaces, create a wormery and show methods of composting.

Karimah’s Cuisina organsiation has been working with meanwhile garden for about two years now, taking our compost there , feeding their volunteer our new recipes and filming various documentaries there relative to nutrition and environment.

Recycling kitchen waste
Recycling kitchen waste

While doing a bit of reportage I met an old acquaintance from around the way and I asked him what he was up to these days, he said he had written a book and that book was Rasta Mouse. Now a TV  series on CBBC, mashallah!

 Rasta Mouse
Michael De Souza Co-Author of Rasta Mouse

I’ve seen Rasta mouse at my son’s house and think it’s really funny, Anyway Michael De Souza and Genevieve Webster, who created Rasta mouse were performing on stage at the Farm The City gig. How amazing Rasta Mouse from around our area!
The fun didn’t stop there, they asked the audience to come and take over the parts of Mr Bling, President Wensley Dale and Rasta Mouse .My son was picked on the for the part of The President and he was really good, already familiar with the programme and Rasta lingo.

Rasta Mouse Cast
Rasta Mouse Cast

It was great fun seeing Rasta Mouse come to life in front of our eyes as Michael De Souza kept telling the new actors what to say in the re-telling of Da Bag-a Bling.
As my grandson started to cry ,the President’s hat was put on my head and the final lines of the play were mine, all mine
“Everyting irie man!”

The New President Wensley Dale
The New President Wensley Dale

And so it was, the best laugh I have had all week at the Farm Your City London event. People were able to buy produce from the garden, we made wonderful vegetable pakoras to feed the troops and the community learnt more about growing in urban landscapes….more coming soon inshallah.

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