Herman – The Friendship Cake

By Karimah Bint Dawoud Muslim Chaplain And Well Being Writer.
After giving me bundles of natural moisturizer and body scrub, fragranced with mimosa and vanilla oils,
“Do you want a surprise?” my crazy sistar friend said. She is a co-founder of Karimah’s Cuisina, a bit alternative like me, mashallah.



” As long as its 6foot 2,  I don’t mind,  ” was my reply.
“Well, ” a long drawn out “well”,
“It might get that big,” as she handed me a mundane looking plastic bag with yoghurt pot in it.
” Jazakalakhayrun”
“You’ve not even seen it yet ” she quipped.
Still ” Jazakalakhayrun” was my comment as she handed me The Surprise!
As I took off the bag a familiar yeasty aroma filled my nostrils,
“This is Herman”, she told me as she handed me a sheet of paper on how to look after to him and explained to me that this was the beginning of friendship cake that needed to be stirred for quite a few days, then the yeasty mixture shared before adding the rest of the cake ingredients to the mixture and baking.
Only Allah know where this started from, still even now, I know I’m going to added karimah twist to this sough dough cake recipe inshallah, watch this space.

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