by Karimah bint Dawoud, muslim chaplain &well being writer.

Smoked Salmon Salad
Smoked Salmon Salad

Healthy brunch idea-smoked salmon on oat biscuits, topped with avocado guacamole, loads of lettuce, cucumber and tomato, olives and capers. Its really important to have loads of alkali forming foods like salad because if your diet it’s too acidic -lots of animal proteins;  eggs, fish, grains, legumes and meat,then your blood is too acidic, this can lead to all sorts of bad things like –
• your body’s inability to absorb calcium
• high cholesterol
• eczema, cankers and sores on skin.
• bone diseases such as osteopenia
• heart burn and other stomach/ gastric problems

Avocado guacamole is easily made, cut the avocado in half length ways and twist apart, use a  dessert spoon to scoop out flesh , making sure you get the really dark green pulp by the skin, that where the real goodness is. Break up avocado with fork, add some crushed garlic, a pinch of sea salt and black pepper to taste and lemon juice…easy.You can store in a closed container in the fridge for a few days, its adds a healthy tangy twist to anything even okra.

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