By Karimah Bin Dawoud, Muslim Chaplain & Well Being Writer

The humble nettle, it’s the thing you hate as a child when you grow up in the countryside, the prospect of having to wade through stinging nettle bushes to get somewhere ; through that hedge or across that ditch. The humble nettle mentioned in one of Ridley Scotts more recent films “Robin Hood” or Raabin Hud as I as like to call it, when the English were so poor due to the taxes imposed on them to finance The Crusades, that they had to survive in nettle soup.

Recipe for nettle soup coming soon inshallah.

However when you take a look at the humble nettle you can see why it can keep you going.

It’s one of nature’s wonder plants, it is astringent anti-inflammatory, expectorant, tonic, and diuretic properties,. it’s also an important source of vitamin A,C and E, it’s also a good source of beta-keratin, iron, calcium, phosphates and minerals. For all these reasons it’s great for arthritic, hepatic and rheumatic conditions. It’s an adjuvant to fight against allergies, anemia and kidney diseases.

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