Islamic medicine – GREEN JUICES

By Karimah Bin Dawoud, Muslim Chaplain & Well Being Writer

green juice

Spring summer is really the time for getting your head and tongue around Green Juices. Most of us , except the odd alien, are alright with the conventional bought cartons orange juices, pineapple juice and recently in a supermarket I saw apple, lemongrass and pear in normal supermarket make of pressed juice, mashallah. Someone somewhere is a bit more forward thinking than the usually uni graduates that just mooch along with the status quo. However for really exciting adventurous and healthy beneficial juice, you have to make your own or if you don’t have time order from small home businesses who will make an deliver every day for you at a nice price…….well honey it’s the good stuff!
Let’s take it on to another level because truthfully even though fruits and veg are all good , some suit some temperaments better than others. Myself being a bit of a hot head, giving it away now, need cool juices, cool foods. If like me, you are hot stuff and suffer from inflammatory illness like ulcer, arthritis, aggression, irritability, too high sex drive, semen leakage, skin eruptions, acne, excessive hunger or thirst, diseased liver, hemorrhages, piles, acidity, disturbed sleep, lack of confidence, and much more…you need cool green juices.
With an access of heat ,the body is thrown out of balance. This is where cooling foods come into play.
Green juices, especially firs thing in the morning really help to cool things down, at the same time giving you energy.

cucumber, celery and kiwis, washed & ready for juicing

Today’s offering is cucumber, celery and kiwi. I can’t say I am big fan of celery except in Waldorf salad, but I eat it because I know it’s good for me. This is the thing you see because too many of us eat only what we like and that’s ok sometimes but not all the time. In fact it’s very immature, yes my little friend on the switchboard, you know who I mean .
We seriously need to start thinking about food as medicine. I’m not saying don’t have pizza, I love it , its yummy but make your own whole meal version and have loads of leafy green vegetable with it in the salad.
Back to this juice
From the Sunnah, narrated by Abd’ Allah bin Jaffar, it is related that the messenger of Allah salah ala alaihi wa salem used tom eat cucumber (qiththa) with dates(rutab) Tirmidhi At’ima – 37
cucumber is cold and dry in the second degree and cools heat in the stomach and is useful in bladder conditions where there is pain and inflammation. its seeds are diuretic and its leaves, made into a poultice are beneficial for dog bites and possibly to cool swollen breast when breast feeding babies.
It’s also good for cooling high blood pressure.
CELERY- (karafs)
There is a haddith, though not authentic but still mentioned by Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyyah in Medicine of the Prophet, the haddith says that the Messenger of Allah, salah al alahi wa salem said” whoever eats karafs and sleeps upon it, sleeps with good breathe and is safe from the pain of molars and toothache”.
However the truth is that the garden variety of celery does sweetness the breathe and if the stems are wound around the neck it is beneficial for toothache…hmmmm interesting.
It is in Ayurvedic and Islamic medicine hot and dry , though some say moist, it opens the liver and the spleen, it is a diuretic and breaks stones in the body,
Celery juice helps the body reduce its toxin level and is thus responsible for reducing the occurrence of kidney stones and gallbladder stones. These stones inhibit the functioning of the organ and may cause infections or diseases to develop within these organs

The benefits of celery juice are associated with its varied nutritional content. Celery contains Vitamins B2, B6, C and K among others. There are also many other nutrients apart from vitamins. Iron, folic acid, potassium and calcium are found in celery. Celery juice has been used as a natural remedy for many years. Because it is a natural product, an individual can consume it without having any adverse health reactions.
They are high in vitamin c, great for immune system, anti aging and good for eyes. They have as much potassium as bananas but without the calories,
They are good for respiration and inflammation of the mucous membranes, so great for fighting allergies and asthma.
They are good for the eyes,. especially as you get older,
They are high in fibre so good for the gut and colon.

Step out of your cocoon, your comfort zone and come into mine, an ever evolving pod in constant metamorphosis maashallah. Try something fresh and new, you never know, you might just like it

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