Its quick and keeps in the fridge a few days once its made, something hot and handy to come home to.


1 tin tuna in oil

1 onion

cloves of garlic optional

green chilies chopped optional

curry powder ready mixed, you choose how hot, it says on packet

1 tin tomatoes

optional potatoes or frozen okra

salt and pepper



  • using wok or large frying pan, add oil from tin of tuna
  • wash peel and chop onion and add to oil, medium heat, stir
  • you could at this point add garlic and green chilies if you want, not vital.
  • after 5 minute s onion should be starting to turn golden brown, add 5 tea spoons of curry powered
  • stir for one minutes
  • add tine of chopped tomatoes,(washed peeled and chopped small 2 cm pieces of potato) , stir and turn heat low for 15 minutes, covered
  • then add contents of tin of tuna, stir gently and cover, leave for 5 minutes.

cooking rice…it’s easy

1 cup 235 ml is enough for 2 people unless you are really hungry of weight training

  • fill the kettle and put it on, se you do need one
  • wash the rice in a small saucepan(milk saucepan) under the tap that is gently running water, if you put the tap on full blast the rice will come out of teh container and down teh sink , wasted.
  • swish the rice around with your fingers , it will loosen the bad bit that will rise to the top, gently tip them out, using your fingers to trap the rice you want and let  the floating rice tip away.
  • repeat this three times
  • with the hot water, pour over clean rice so that it’s about 2cm , one finger tip above top level of rice
  • turn heat on medium high for 3 minutes for white and 5 minutes for brown
  • then turn down low and cover
  • white rice takes  another 7 minutes and brown rice about 20
  • after times up, keep rice covered but take off that ring/heat and put on cold ring and let it stand for a few minutes
  • serve with curry
  • DO NOT LEAVE RICE OUT OVER NIGHT, ITS ONE FO TEH WORST THIGNS FOR MAKING HAERMFUL BACTERIA and if you eat rice that been left out you get runny tummy or headaches, put the cooled down saucepan in fridge or take it out of pan and put in plastic container

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  1. I love fast fast meals! 🙂

    1. good morning gigi, do you have Facebook, there is a page called fast fast food that we have created you might love that too xxx

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