I used to think it was difficult making pizza, getting the dough to rise and all that but now you can get bread mix with the yeast in it and all you have to do it add water, mix and leave it some where warm then make you pizza…easy peasy!

Home Made Wholemeal Pizza

Take away pizza are so expensive and once you get the hang of it you will wonder why you ever gave those shops your hard earned money for cheap white flour and cheap cheese’


500 grams 1/2 bag of bread mix(I used whole meal)

250 ML of warm water

1/2 jar of pasta sauce

1 tea spoon dry basil herb

1 tea spoon dry oregano herb

1 packet of mozzarella cheese

1 onion cut into slices

5 mushrooms cut into slices

sweet pepper cut into slices

 200 grammes cheddar cheese grated


salt and pepper

chilies optional bangala touch

oil for baking tray


pre-heat oven


Gas 6

Electric Fahrenheit 400

Electric Celsius 200

  1. add 250 ml of warm water to 500 grms of bread mix. it already has yeast in so you don’t have to ad it, you can see it bubble.
  2. Mix with your hands
  3. cover bowl with lid
  4. cover and tie inside plastic bag and leave some where warm, like near window where sun comes in or by radiator, you can do this before you go to work even.
  6. When you see it has fluffed up and got bigger put some flour from the packet on the work top and tip out of bowl, if it s bit sticky add a bit more flour with your hands and start to kneed, this add air in it
  7. fold it over
  8. then press down
  9. put some sunflower or vegetable oil on flat baking tray and rub all over with your hands
  10. put pizza dough on tray and spread out to edges with your fingers
  11. spread out evenly to corners of tray
  12. take half a jar of pasta sauce and your herbs
  13. add 1 teaspoon of basil and 1 teaspoon of oregano to sauce and stir
  14. spread this mixture all over pizza base with spoon
  15. take packet of mozzarella and open over sink as its in salty water
  16. cut into small pieces and spread over tomato sauce on pizza base
  17.  add slices of onion, you can use red and/or white onions
  18. add sweet pepper or bell pepper slices, you could add some chillies here if you must
  19. add sliced mushrooms
  20. grate cheddar cheese and spread all over
  21. add olives, you can use green or black
  22. place in oven on middle shelf for 25 minutes

Any left overs wrap in foil and reheat the next day…ENJOY!

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