by Karimah bint Dawoud, Muslim chaplain and  well being writer,

author of “Heavenly Bites, the Best of Muslim Home Cooking” published by Kube

Alhmdulilah, praise the creator for this program, channel 4 new offering for the 21st century, promoting the relationship between food and health, something muslims who are not addicted to chicken cottage have been saying for years, as well as Hindus and some other faith groups and alternative practitioners.

channel 4 , every week have desperate guinea  pigs with a series of health problems ranging from breast cancer to thrush, they put them on a change of diet for 6 weeks while they are still using pharmaceutics medicine to show that changing their diet actually works.

 As a  psoriasis sufferer myself, last night program said to cut out meat, just fish, cut out sugar and sweet things. Its good to eat basil, turmeric ,rosemary,eat lots more fruits and veggies. Just checked out the web site and you really need to watch the programmes as ht diets on the web site are not as specific as what  the dietician says in the programme.

 After my cidar vinegar and honey and water this morning, i had fresh kiwi and pineapple juice , left it half an hour then had this screambled egg, grilled tomato and loads of  fresh basil, the egg is not ideal however increasing our awareness and make small changes is a move in the right direction.

Basil scrambled eggs

Alhamdulilah, praise the Creator

All in all its a good program for everyone, in Islamic medicine ,after making duaa/prayer, the first prescription that muslim doctors and all doctors should do is look at the person’s diet and get them to make changes in what they eat. Keep it coming, inshallah, this program is great for increasing community awareness,if affirming for those of us already  on this tip and for the rest of us we’ll catch up eventually.

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  1. hitendra Patel says:

    the great thing one person with psorasis is TUMERIC with warm water avoid to many sweet and choclate porridge more brown basmati rice brown bread i mix mycereals oats almonds hazelnuts brazil nuts raw cashew buy drygolden raisins plenty of fruit and on fri sat & sunday which has been liquidised and apples raw ginger (carrots seperate so left over you can make veg balls with spices gentle heat and littel flour) this has taken a lot of time since my child was born 13years ago slowly i made baby food with fresh veg and also had some myself and wife skin has improved considerably and indian yellow dal which made the skin soft dosent flake off plenty of filtered water and chew long dont rush as this will stop salavia wash mouth out perfectly even in sandwiches a crushed or thin slice of ginger and flattened garlic with salad boiled egg add english mustard which makes your body active drink water in sips not a big gallop

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