Karimah’s Beauty Secrets- Easy on the carbs

Karimah’s Beauty Secrets- Easy on the Carbs

by karimah bint dawoud, muslim chaplain and well being writer



By the end of last winter I was 13 1/2 stone, overweight due to too many mince pies, too much creamy mash potato and apple Danish pastries.

All praise is due to The Creator I have since then lost nearly two stone, not by starving but by moderation and healthy eating.

At this time of the year the weather is getting colder and the body naturally craves carbohydrates , subliminally, meaning without consciously thinking , we are fattening our self up in case it a harsh winter, in terms of cold or lack of resources. For those of us who have faith, the lack of resources should not be a concern. We are all whether we believe or not dependant on the creator for our sustenance,

“There is no creature on earth which is not dependant on Allah for its provision. He knows where it lives and where it dies. It is all in a clear book” (Qur’an 11:6)

 Another reason why we crave carbs is the lack of sunshine in the autumn and winter months,  we lack Vit D that give us the feel good factor, so what do we do ? Up the anti on comfort carbohydrate  foods like cakes, bread and pasta etc.

Vitamin from the sunshine naturally produce serotonin in the body which is a natural chemical makes us feel happy and emotionally in  good mood. I know when I came back from Portugal this year I was really down  for a week due to the lack of sunshine and it took time to adjust.  When natural sunshine is lacking  , we seek to comfort ourselves, self medicating with food, eating carbohydrates  that also produce serotonin.


If you,  like me, lead quite a sedentary life style the pounds will pile on……..here is the  good news – exercise also produce serotonin and raises the body temperature hours after exercises……so exercise is a must .

In the next few weeks inshallah, I am going to start doing my work out, starting with yoga tomorrow, if you haven’t exercised for a while, ease yourself in slowly.

Some of our communities, Pakistani and Somali, have been found in health surveys to suffer from high levels  of obesity. This may be culturally  attractive and a sign of wealth in come cultures but when you get right down to it……it’s not good. High blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, problems  with the womb and growth can all be attributed to bad diet and lack of healthy foods.


I endeavour on this  blog to provide you with healthy solutions, for first and foremost make sincere intention to The Creator, Allah, to give your body its rights this winter.

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