Alhamdulilah I have a wonderful editor who is probably reading this as we speak, no he is not looking over my shoulder, but he is, thank God, on my case in a brotherly  way, that all brothers should be encouraging their sisters, to do the best they can in whatever they do kind of way.he keeps an eye on my writing and gently nudges me in the right direction, may Allah bless him and his family ameen.

Following on from a nudge,  Queenie and I have been making pastry, shortcrust pastry to be exact.I decided to do 50/50 and used half white flour and half rye to see what happened.Leaving the pastry chill in the fridge before use freed up some time to  read chapter 18 of the Quran, Surat 18 The Cave. its a Friday tradition in Islam, to keep evil away inshallah.It’s a wonderful chapter, full of great stories , including a tale about Moses, may the peace and blessings of the Creator be upon him, that most people would not have heard of and a story worth illustrating for children.

Now back to the food! We had all the ingredients that are seasonal right now; tomatoes , courgettes and basil  from my window ledge.Combined with some feta cheese and spices these tempting tartlets will take your taste buds away from the prospect of  the approaching autumn and gently ease your mind along more Mediterranean pathways, the thin delicate short crust embracing sensations of sweet and spice,leaving you really, wanting Moooooor!

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