As some of you know I have been banging on about drinking water and honey every morning, well honeys, here is  why….. The Islamic Evidence.

Let me quote exactly what it says in the book ,Medicine of the Prophet,( salah alaihi wa salem) , by Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah, translate by Penelope Johnston,

“the Prophet, salah ala alaihi wa salem, used to drink honey with  water, on an empty stomach; herein lies a most notable secret for the preservation of health that is only to be grasped by the astute and discerning..this we shall mention, if God wills, under his guidance for the Preservation of Health.”

in the sunan of Ibn Maja,(marfu), from the hadith of Abu Harayra, radialahu anhu, it says,

” anyone who takes an electuary on three mornings of every month, he will not be touched  by major affliction.” Ibn Maja. tibb,7.the isnad includes al -Zubayr Ibn Sa’id who is matruk


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An electuary is a medicinal paste composed of powders, or other medical ingredients, incorporated with sweeteners to hide the taste, like syrup, honey, jam, etc., for the purposes of oral consumption.

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  1. Faizan Shah says:

    ja zak ALLAH u khairan habib ukhti

  2. jamila says:

    Thank you for sharing, may Allah reward you .

  3. Jamila says:

    This is really good ja zak Allah u khairan

  4. Sulayla Appleby says:

    Aslm I’ve been told that honey raises one’s blood sugar levels. If you know differently then pls tell me how I need to take the honey ,1tsp or half, and ratio of water? Also can one take it evryday? May Allah reward you in this world n the next Aameen! Sulayla

    1. wa alaikum sallam, you need to take only 1 tea spoon in 245 ml a cup of hot water once a day ion the morning, do you have diabetes?

  5. sally says:

    Jazak Allah khair sister 🙂 xxx

    1. as salaam alaikum sistar, wa iyaki for your support xxx

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