by Karimah bint Dawoud, muslim chaplain and well being writer

vinegars and oils

In sahih Muslim, a collection of authentic haddiths, it has been narrated from Jabir bin Abd’ Allah that the messenger of Allah, prophet Muhammad , salah la alaihi wa salem asked his family for condiment and they replied” we have only vinegar”. so he called for their and began to eat, he said “how good a condiment is vinegar”. sahih Muslim , ashriba, 167, 168.

In the sunan of Ibn Maja, from umm Sa’id, it has been related that the prophet also said,

“how good a condiment is vinegar! oh Allah! bless vinegar, no house will be destitute  where they is vinegar.” TIRMIDHI At’ima , 34

In Islamic medicine and Ayurvedic medicine the properties of vinegar are both hot and cold, bit more of the later. it has strong desiccative power, this means it causes things to dry or dry up.

Does vinegar contain alcohol  and is it haram?

Obvioulsy not as it wouldnt be part of the sunnah, even though the names of some  of the vinegars are misleading .For example types of vinegar are  malt, wine ,apple cider, fruit,date, rice, coconut, palm, raisin, cane,palm, beer,honey, east asian black vinegar

The first process is called alcoholic fermentation and occurs when yeasts change natural sugars to alcohol under controlled conditions. In the second process, a group of bacteria (called “Acetobacter”) converts the alcohol portion to acid. This is the acetic, or acid fermentation, that forms vinegar.

Wine vinegar is good for than inflamed  stomach and clams yellow bile and repels the harm of deadly drugs. It dissolves milk and blood when they have solidified into interiors.

 Diluted  vinegar with water would be beneficial for babies who have been fed too much powdered milk and have colic or acid reflux, 1/2 tsp of apple cider vinegar to 1/2 litre/ 1 pint of water . It helps the digestion, opposes phlegm , refines thick food and thins the blood.

When drunk with salt , its beneficial for anyone who has eaten deadly fungus, when made into a broth soup, its dislodges leeches that have stuck to the  roof of the mouth.

When diluted 50/50 with water it can be used as toner for the face but don’t use malt vinegar  otherwise you will end up smelling like fish and chips.

Can be used on a cloth to treat sunburn or place in bath water.

Can be  used as a vaginal douche to treat yeast infections

Can be used for weight loss used as salad dressing or diluted in water

It is said to be a natural lowerer of bad cholesterol.

 In diluted in water daily its good for lowering blood pressure

It’s good for treating dandruff restoring PH balance to the skin

you can make vinegar ice cubes to cool zits or mosquito bites.

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