They wanted raw ingredient, they still wanted to cook their own cultural; food. Its normal when people are displaced, food is an aspect of culture that connects with home.

First of all there were 4 families with a bit of an add on for some grandparents. Now in 2021, one family has been moved to east London and their children are not children anymore, the youngest being 15 or 16.

You need to be skilled and flexible to vacillate wrap around care. Alhamdulillah praise God, we have at least 3 volunteers that speak Arabic fluently.

 One thing is helping the families understand that they‘re not all going to get exactly the same thing. Karimah tells them “I’m not your husband and you are not my 4 wives”.

We do what is within our capability and leave the rest to Allah.

Some families are more easy going than others and other are high maintenance, not in terms of material things, because we don’t accommodate that.

We shop at Primark, Shoe Zone, charity shops and local Bengali tailor. If that’s good enough for us, its good enough for them.

Initially one family asked us for 2 pairs of designer reading glasses £400 but our treasurer soon put a stop to that.

Some of the families had come from refugee camps in Jordan and were living in tents . They were brought to England  by the  uk government and initially placed in Barry House Hostel,  in Dulwich. S.E .London. It is important to realise, that adjustment takes time and varies for individuals and families.

#refugees #wraparoundcare #sadaqah #caringissharing

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