Among the many things we are busy doing, we have been providing wrap around care for Syrian uk refugees since the  late summer  2019.

We are comfortable cooking healthy halal and vegan food and putting it in food boxes.

 We knew that Syrians didn’t generally eat spicy food, so we made Moroccan food and met them in south east London near where they lived in temporary accommodation.

Guess what? They didn’t like our food. That was a first and a bit of a blow, especially as karimah is a gourmand award winning cook book writer.

Oh well, it had to happened. One of our volunteers who takes the pictures was mugged october 2019 so we lost loads of rellay nice first summer fotos wioth the refugees. That first winter we bought new leegings and t shorts ofr all the mums.

We brought new shoes and gave good quality donated or bought shows to the families children. We don’t have the capasity to doument every thing we do to here’s just a snap shot.

We’ll do a few more post about this in shaa allah.

#refugees #sadaqah #wraparound #muslims #warbaby

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