As salaam alaikum brothers and sisters, a massive jazakumallahkhayrun for helping make FEED THE NEED LONDON an ongoing project by the grace of Allah.
We don’t celebrate Christmas however taking food and sleeping bags to the street and hostels and isolated elders, really exhausted us and we needed to re-organise and central what we are doing and where we are going in sha Allah.
We have been meeting with our local volunteer centre to help structure our company policies and procedure more than what we currently have and they were so supportive alhmdulilah.

feed the need january 2019 poster

We have been behind the scenes been buying new and second hand good quality clothing for homeless and needy and now we are getting ready to go back on the streets with our super delicious food.

In sha Allah we plan to cook chicken tikka masala and would you believe it- vegan bean tikka masala? You will have to wait for teh recipe for that but it will be in the blog first in shaa Allah.
As usual we are cooking brown rice with spices and vegetables and there maybe some cake in shaa Allah.


Please give a minimum of £5, a standing order would be perfect!

Your donations make this happen and no one became poor from giving.
Giving charity is the best investment for this life and the next, Allah knows best.
We have a PayPal now which is karimahscuisinaa@gmail.com take care there are two “ aa”s at the end of our email and PayPal address
You can pay directly into our bank account
Account number 61933090
Sort Code 55-50-28
Reference: FEED
Once again a big barakallahfeekum , may Allah bless you with more, for all your donations throughout the 6-7 years we have been providing this humble service.
May Allah give you 7, 70 and 700 times more than what you gave us and give you the wisdom to spend your increased abundance wisely for His Sake ameen

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