Grenfell Towers Fire Local St Martins Artist Paints A Picture

The Silent Scream” as salaam alaikum brothers and sisters and others, this time one year ago our loved ones were trapped in a tower block #grenfell #grenfelltower in London, they waited for the fire service , they trusted the fire service would come and rescue them, they screamed and their screams were heard by the people below who were powerless to help them except for a few local Muslim brothers who rushed into building on their way back from taraweeh prayers , may Allah bless them now and forever ameen, may Allah bless the fire fighters who did their best…I am sorry if this picture is distressing but it is nothing compared to what the families and friends of the bereaved and survivors are going through to night, may Allah give them justice in this life and the next ameen.

the silent scream finished with border 14th june 2018

last night the fire started one year ago in Grenfell Tower, Latimer Road,Notting Hill Gate, The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. A fire that spread too quickly and took too many lives because some one or group of people thought fit to cover a tower block in flammable cladding.The tower block houses mainly social housing residents, the majority of the residents were of black and ethnic origin, who were poor working class people.

For three years prior to the fire, a resident of the tower Edward Daffarn a social worker, set up a blog stating that the building was a fatally waiting to happen(my parapharasing).I know him he’s a great man and he survived after escaping from the 16th floor.

Please forgive me if I missed any names I tried to get them all, please tell me if i missed anyone, thank you
We lost those we loved and those who loved us in that deadly fire, in these last fear days of Ramadhan let us pray, “Ya Allah Ya Adl we ask you for justice for ALL the survivors and bereaved families ameen
#grenfell #grenfelltower #grenfelltowerfire #justice4grenfell #grenfellspeaks

grenfell hidden tears screen shot

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