My blood type diet has not allows me to have onions or curry for over a week.I think I’m type O but what I do know is I have a blood called “rouleaux” which means that the platelets stick together in chains which makes it difficult to go through arteries. I have had at least one mini stroke TIA.
I had a nutritional blood test in 2009 and really ignored the diet sheet because ti looked too hard.I was really super ill 2 weeks ago and decided I had better knuckle down and give the diet plan a chance especially as I’m dishing out food advice to others.

I have stopped wheat, sugar, coffee, tea,red meat, chicken, eggs. I am not even allowed onion, garlic, chilli and ginger…. and alhmdulilah praise God , I’ve been good,

vegan pancakes and beans.jpg


Now I have a head cold and cough and I’m resulting to my cultural remedies of hot spice garlic chilli onions ginger to fight the virus . It is vital like #Ital to eat vegan food when we’re ill because the body needs all its energy to fight the virus not digest #animal products .

These 100% vegan pancakes to go with curried beans are made from


  • 1/2 tbsp of soaked flaxseeds in 1/2 cup water (egg replacement)
  • 1/2 cup sunflower seed milk
  • 1 cup of millet flour
  • We added 10 ml of ajwain seeds and 10 ml of cumin seeds for extra medical benefits


  • Blend ingredients in blender ideally to break down flax seeds
  • wipe round small frying pan with kitchen roll or brush with tiny bit of olive oil
  • add 1 table spoon of batter and cook on low heat for a few minutes turning frequently
  • now millet is not wheat and these pancakes can be a bit soggy on the inside if too much batter is used, but we find if you leave them on a plate after you take them out of the pan they keep on cooking through and get more firm insha’allah
  • any left over batter lasts about a week in the fridge in air tight container

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