I was taught this recipe years ago by an Egyptian brother before Allah guided me to Islam, he was a gentle man maashallah like many of the Egyptian men I have the pleasure to meet.The recipe has evolved over the years with my spicy touches and other brothers addition.

Dates and Scrambled Eggs


3-7 dates depending on their size and your size

2-5 eggs

3-7 cloves garlic

30ml – ½ cup milk, whatever milk you use

½ – 1 tsp dry cinnamon, turmeric/haldi and pinch of black pepper

10ml- Olive oil for cooking


  1. Place oil in small pan and medium heat
  2. Add washed stoned and chopped dates
  3. Add chopped garlic inspired by my Egyptian brother Castillo
  4. Added spices cinnamon, haldi and pepper, stir
  5. Break eggs into pan or cup
  6. Add milk and stir into eggs
  7. Stir every 3o seconds or so to get scrambled effect


Eat with salad like cucumber to balance out heat of dates , do not eat olives they will make you thirsty.


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