First and foremost we must high light that animal milk is not suitable for all body temperament types. People are genuinely lactose intolerant, even of raw pure milk from cows that live a natural life.
When nutritionists advise some clients to avoid milk products, this advice doesn’t sit well with some people of faith, knowing that milk is mentioned in the Sacred Scriptures .Not only the in Abrahamic faiths but in the Hindu Vedas, milk is integral to the culture itself and the cow is seen as the holy mother feeding her offspring.
However its vital to remember that most of the Islamic scholars that have written about Islamic medicine , including nutrition, are not from this century , nor the last century.
They are revered scholars from the Golden Age of Islam, who lived in a time where organic framing was normal .
We imagine that the milk we drink comes from cows that live in a field and eat green grass every day…not true.
It is important to understand the distinct difference between natural raw milk, flowing from cows that eat green grass and are care for and loved and commercial milk that comes from cows that have zero natural grazing.

Cows are Sacred
Cows are Sacred

Although milk is mentioned in the Quran and other Sacred Scriptures, most of the milk we drink today is full of growth hormones ,anti-biotics and from unloved cows. It is not actually a great source of protein and spinach , gramme for gramme give you about the same amount of calcium. According to Patrick Holford, author of the Optimum Nutrition Bible, no matter how much diary you consume, if your blood is too acidic, which basically means not enough greens, then the calcium will not be absorbed. Seriously we would be better off getting our calcium from greens and having organic milk as a treat for rice pudding etc.

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