The Karimah Procedure…Prayer

We all struggle with prayer at time, lets not kid ourselves; there are times where we don’t feel like praying, there are times when we don’t pray and for those us us who are right now arrogantly rising and puffing our chests up, we are only able to prayby the grace of Allah, not because we are so pious.It is a blessing to be on the deen, it is favour from Allah that He has chosen us to be on this blessed path and how many of us give thanks?



When I struggle with my naffs(lower nature ) that wants to prevent me from praying, that wants to sabotage the programme) I pray from prayer to prayer like an AA alcoholic anonymous client;during the prayer risng from the ruku(top half of body bending over) i stand and thak Allah that Im on my prayer and following in sajdah (prostration head on the ground) , after asking allah forgiveness, I make duaa that Allah makes it easy for me to get on the next prayer…and when that happens I remember to thank Allah once again, over time byt eh grace of allah we become more solid on our prayers. we are too ignorant to know the full benefit of the prayers however the washing before hand as preventative medicine benefits, teh prayer postions all have health benfits if performed properly, teh word sound of the prayer and the surats create postive vibrations throughout our body system and there is more… pray wherever you find yourself, no excuses, some times we are not in ideal situations, don’t let shatan fool you; pray in a Primark changing room, pray in a car park, pray in the corner of an art gallery even though there are pictures there, pray in the corner of a restaurant even if there is alcohol there, let Allah be the judge but do not miss your prayer. Pray even if you go clubbing, pray even if you commit zina, pray even if you are a thief, pray even if you go swimming and dont cover your aura, you do not have to be a perfect to pray, praying is the way to perfection…. alhmdulilah rabeel alameen, allahu akhbr, God is great!

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