Featured Fruit in Our Breakfast today…Papaya

Health Benefits

Featured Fruit in Our Breakfast today…Papaya

Papaya..foto Lorens World
Papaya..foto Lorens World

Health Benefits

This tropic fruit is rich in B and C vitamin.

High in fibre

Good for your heart                                  

Strengthens your eyes.

Great for digestion

&will improve your husband sexual performance insha’allah.

This tropical fruit is good for the heart, provides protection against colon cancer. It’s anti-inflammatory so good for sports injuries and arthritis.. It’s also great for the strengthening the eyes and promoting the immune system. Great for your sex life… Papaya Boosts Male Virility

Another great benefit of papaya is to boost male virility. Papaya contains an enzyme called arginine which is known in the medically community to boost blood flow around the penis. Arginine boosts nitric acid in the body to relax the muscles surrounding the blood vessels tat supply the penis. These blood vessels then dilate and increase blood flow. A more concentrated form of arginine is used to treat erectile dysfunction.

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