SS14 FASHION TRENDS (spring summer 14)

This is  a brief breakdown of what you will see in the shops and ideas for us to adapt and give to tailor and add our own Islamic twist on tings…so here goes.


Cool, neutral and warm.Lots of ice cream tropicals and with happy flower prints, think 1950’s Hawaii shirt and Beach boys vibe retro in terms of silhouette. 1950’s fashion doesn’t look so great on skinny androgynous models but will look great on you!

Even though pale pastel blue is still floating around, its important how you pair it, not with other wishy washy pastels but with stronger more aqueous greens and blues,please see chart below.

And the neutrals and still nude but with a touchy of classy grey.

Spring Summer Colour Palette
Spring Summer Colour Palette

More Spice Colours from our part of the World

SS14 Color Trends
SS14 Color Trends

I love the next colour story because I see yellow ochre as a strong color running through loads of this summers stories  and looks great  tan. the next collage is quite formal but the colours can be translated into an evening or special occasion story.

Ocre Blue Colour Story
Ochre Blue Colour Story

Shape wise, silhouette wise some of the designers have lost their way, I’m not even going to mentioned their names, for example the following creation; great print, awful composition!


However coloured metallics are still in

Coloured Metallics
Coloured Metallics

As are these amazing animal print dresses.

Amazing Animal Prints
Amazing Animal Prints

Happy Talk! Happy Happy Happy…….would I go out in it ?…no! 

ss14 happy flowers

This is one of my favorite dresses right now, that I could only wear to a sis*stars party but its hot, bang on trend and from our little faithful…NEW LOOK.Still I think I’ll be looking for a print and asking my tailor to make something more suitable to wear in public.

Private Party Dress
Private Party Dress

Watch this space but sis*stars will be rocking some styles this summer, taking these looks and making them more insha’allah

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