Since last Eid, we started  to write about eating less meat, reviving the Prophetic sunnah of eating much less meat.

Just 75 grammes of rice
Just 75 grammes of rice

Although we are learning  more about raw food, Karimahs Cuisina are a group in transit , praise the Creator, we are in motion towards a healthy away of life, inshallah, God willing.

We attended a Love Food Hate Waste workshop a few weeks ago and were told that the recommend portion size of rice that a person should eat in one meal is 75 grammes. Seeing the amount, dry, in a little sandwich bag, it looked so small.

The avid superfoodies we are , we decided to try it out and cook that amount of rice, per person, with fish and spinach.

The latest nutritional advice suggestion that you have more vegetables than grains and more grains than protein, illustrated by our foto. If you eat the veggies and grains first by the time you get to the fish you are already full up and  a small portion of fish is just an additional savoury, the little bit of protein required, while in transit to less flesh and animal foods.

P.S. we ahve to add hot pepper sauce forAaminah and Fatima C

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