NO MEAT FOR 365 Day 3


Day 3

By Karimah Bint Dawoud

Tuna Pizza
Tuna Pizza

Today I had an epiphany, one of those Jerry McGuire moments that may change my life  for ever, must be getting to a position of clear thinking from not eating meat and maybe its just PMT kicking in ; I deleted the telephone numbers of loads of blokes I had been speaking to for marraige, been married to or had courted and then I posted a letter than could change my life,only Allah knows.

I had an intention to have veggie quinoa soup but my visit to my son and daughter in love took longer than I thought, however my son wanted pizza and my daughter in love wanted soup, I suggested we have both, my son in respect of my” no meat for 365” ordered tuna pizza, white flour and I subtly suggested to my daughter In love  that you can buy wholemeal bread mix and make your own pizza, which she thought  was a good idea. She made us a lovely soup, fresh and healthy.

Daughter In Love Soup
Daughter In Love Soup

There must be a vibe in the air, my vibe, because no sooner we were home then than a ring  from the neighbour asking if we wanted her homemade falalfel, now my neighbour is Egyptian and not one of those famous Abdul Hakim Murad fat Egyptian , she is a lean, streamlined, lion mashallah, health, Islam and politically conscious mashallah and her falafel are the herbiest best I have ever tasted.

“when shall I come and get them ?” I keenly asked.

“Just give me some time” she said

Good Neighbour Falafel
Good Neighbour Falafel

After 10 minutes her child was knocking on my door with a plate of salad with a small pot of tahini on the side, wholemeal toasted pittas and hot just made falafels in a lock and seal box I had given her last week with celeriac salad  we had made. It’s an Arab tradition to give back the box with something in it, the box that you had given to them originally if you follow, it’s very nice tradition and keeps the positive flow going.

So I have been respected and spoilt today and still meat free Alhamdulillah. 

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