By Karimah bint Dawoud, Muslim chaplain.

This is the longest blog I have written for a long time, please be patient and read it, jazakumallakhayr.

It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Hasten to do good deeds before there come tribulations like pieces of a dark night, when a man will be a believer in the morning and a kaafir by evening, or he will be a believer in the evening and a kaafir by morning, selling his religious commitment for worldly gain.”

We bought some new equipment
We bought some new equipment


Narrated by Muslim, 118.

We thought that Friday maybe the last day of Ramadhan before Eid, the last day to race with each other for good deeds, we put aside our own desires and want to for fill the needs of others.

Teama Cuisina was in full effect mashallah. Cooking together is always a bonding exercise, an exercise in teamwork, in chit chat, in jokes.

5 kilos of chicken is not easy
5 kilos of chicken is not easy

We have a standard at Karimah’s Cuisina, so whoever we cook for its always the same, good health and hygiene, tasty, good quality food, that we would wish to eat ourselves.

Stir it up! little darling, stir it up!
Stir it up! little darling, stir it up!

Whether someone is a king or homeless , we all need one good meal a day Inshallah.

Feed The Need started off in a front room and kitchen and so far is still in a front room and kitchen until such time as Allah wills, still this was no problem, Muslim women are used to being flexible,mashallah.

"Its just like Morocco!"
“Its just like Morocco!”

One sister remarked,

“This is just like cooking ion Morocco! “As she sat perched on a small stool by the front room window blending onions with my dodgy blender.

I had made lots and lots of duaa that good people would come to help and the good ones came mashallah. We made new friends as sisters we had only met once, eager for good deeds in this last days resisted the whispers of shatan who told them not to come, justifying it by telling them they had so much to do otherwise to get ready for Eid, but they still came and told us of shatan whispers and their resistance mashallah. Can you imagine how happy we were to hear Eid would be on Sunday not Saturday Inshallah….Allah had given us another day! Alhamdulillah! Another day to do our shopping preparing clothes etc. etc. etc., Alhamdulillah Allah put in our hearts to race to do good deeds.

"Its like therapy!"
“Its like therapy!”

Feed The Need…if you are thinking of doing feeding the needy project, please let me share some gems of wisdom with you.

• Trust in Allah

• Sincerity /Ikhlas

Allah Most High has said:

“Does not sincere religion belong to Allah?” (Surah 39 Az-Zumar: Verse 3).

Ali bin Ahmad al-Ahwazi reported from Anas bin Malik that the Messenger of Allah said:

“Three things prevent the heart of a Muslim from betrayal: sincerity of effort for Allah’s sake; giving good counsel to leaders; attachment to the community of Muslims.”

Being willing to go it alone if need be.

Start it in your own home, don’t wait till you have a big kitchen.

• make loads of duaa in sajdah

• Do loads of zhikr, not in that way where you sit down with nothing else to do except zhikr, but zhikr in action; while you are fundraising, shopping, cooking, traveling, sharing, it’s amazing to see how Allah just makes things runs smooth, its jigsaw puzzle or like one of those computer games where you are running across a bridge but you can’t see more than meter ahead of you but you still keep running knowing that Allah will place the rest of the bridge under your feet as your run.

• Have patience , constancy and restraint

OK lets break it down, we had trouble with the bank opening the Karimah’s Cuisina account, so the elders said “Use another account , don’t let them stop you from what you want to do,” we weren’t sure how much donations we would get but we kept making duaa,asking Allah and asking other brothers and sisters who came along to helped with the PR for fundraising, some people gave us money by hand, we needed brothers to help us on the street and then we spoke to one brother who knew a brother who needed sisters to cook, he had the links with the people who organised the feeding of the homeless but they didn’t have enough sisters, we had the sisters mashallah, went to the bank the money was there, not a fortune but Alhamdulillah it was exactly in hind sight and checking the receipts, exactly what we needed to feed our intention of 50 people, small cooking facilitates remember(you could help us maybe?), shopping, Muslim butcher’s gave us a deal, sheikh cash and carry gave us a deal, three teenager sisters I know appeared from now here , one is like my niece and put stuff in the car, got back and then my neighbour up the road came to check me, and he brought stuff in, a young man in a sort of shared half way house accommodation up the road, I told him to come back later if he needed food, he bought all the stuff in, then the sisters started to trickle in, decent sisters, you know the ones that text to say they are running later, you know those kind of sisters who are of their word mashallah, I love those types of people mashallah, we had a quick induction of health and hygiene making sure we were all on the same page and on your mark get set go!

BBQ chicken, Moroccan tomato gravy, lamb curry and rice. Some serious work was done by all, many tears shed from the bags f onions peeled, muscles exercised from the large amount of meat and rice to be washed and seasoned and cooked, packed into containers, another neighbour came and help pack stuff in the car and then I was left alone, let down by the sister who was supposed to come with me, as I said you have to be willing to go alone. I had a link the man who organised the sharing of the food but them all of a sudden my half way house neighbour came back for his food, I asked him to come with me as he had said he knew where the homeless people meet,because he was homeless before, sorry folks when you’re on a mission this free mixing false modesty has to go out the window.

Jazzie Geoffery and Terrific Trevour
Jazzie Geoffery and Terrific Trevour

He said yes and we were off again, across the bridge of good deeds.

Tall Paul, whose story was so long he was just happy to eat the food instead
Tall Paul, whose story was so long he was just happy to eat the food instead

Eventually we linked up with the organisers and gave out food, aware that we could not snap away willy nilly fotos because of the privacy of these people and why they were homeless, still a few were alright about it.

Alhamdulillah I broke my fast on the street with homeless Muslims, people say it’s a humbling experience, I can’t say that, what I can say is it pulls my heart strings and brings tears to my eyes that I can’t give them everything they want, just small thing like the choice of what to eat, that a fasting Muslim sister has to wait in the line with others who are not fasting.

Finally Eating my iftar on the street with homeless, alhmdulilah,thats humbling
Finally Eating my iftar on the street with homeless, alhmdulilah,thats humbling

Alahmdulilah I had a massive bag of dates in one me, that I was able to give her till it was her turn.

You have to respect the organisers, you cannot break ranks, and they know that once you make exception chaos can result so there has to be structure.

Another thing it made me feels was grateful, grateful to Allah that I have choice, in food, clothes, books, bed linen, sugar or honey, hot or cold water, grateful for my amazing life. Ignorantly, immaturely, greedily we think because we don’t have the trappings of that MTV Cribs life that we are lacking……come with us next time , on street and then you will see that you would never be able to stand in prayer and thank Allah enough for what He has given you, all praise is due to Allah the Lord of the World Mankind and Djinn , Oh Allah bless all the sisters and brother who contributed to the project in ways great and small , reward them over and over and give them Jennah Al Firdaus ameen.

 Inshallah this project will run every month, please donate to

Karimah’s Cuisina 

Bank Account Details

Nat West

Sort code : 55-50-28

Account number : 61933090

Reference your payment “FEED”




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Zainab says:

    Masha Allah amazing sister (i read till the end!) – may Allah reward all those involved, help those in need and increase you in strength to continue this amazing work, AMEEN

  2. Fatima says:

    MashaAllah Sis, very amazing and inspiring story!
    May Allah reward you and all the others for all your efforts in helping and supporting others, Ameen
    May Allah also bless all the homeless and help them with all thier struggles,
    InshaAllah you will be able to keep up all your efforts and inspire others with your story.
    We should all be so thankful for all we have even of its not exactly what we want alhumdullilah we have something 😉
    Take care xx

  3. Nawaf says:

    Jazakum Allah Khair for these efforts

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