By Karimah bint Dawoud, Muslim Chaplain& Well Being Writer.

Shop Bought Asmiya Cakes
Shop Bought Asmiya Cakes

Cream, white flour, white sugar, syrup. all the things I am against normally….well it finally got to me. I was in Damas Gate a few days ago with my auntie and the tempting displays of Arabian delights, made eye contact with my fasting soul. fortunately I didn’t have enough money so I just took fotos, it’s that Opfra Winfrey vibe thing; she lost loads of weigh just be smelling teh food but now eating it, I just look and take pictures.
that night empathizing with those poor folk who have no choice at iftar and have to eat what is there, I found a few pieces of Turkish delight a sister has given me. I ate one after my iftar meal, if I eat anymore maybe the sugar will keep me awake and I like to sleep before Suhour.
Aah haa but today is a different story, I had a little change in my pocket and decided to treat myself, ten days into fasting and no junk, alhdulilah. I was going to look for my asmiya, even the name is cute.
Lebanese, middle eastern, magrebi pastries are normally made from white flour or semolina, with nuts spices and dried fruits, occasionally , especially around Ramadhan time there is the introduction of the ones with cream like asmiya.
full of refines carbohydrates to give you that quick energy rush but nothing comes close to dates for the natural sugar high, not even my little asmiya.
There’s mammool, short crust pastries filled with dates, sfouf, diamond cuts of sweet almond cake,kaak bi haliib , milk cakes.

Middle Eastern Patisserie
Middle Eastern Patisserie

Then there’s baklava, my sisters favorite, layers of flaky pastry interwoven with pistachio nuts and cinnaminny rosewater syrup, znoud elsit, enclosed rolls of flaky pastry filled with fragranced cream and smothered in syrup. These cakes are a comfort foodies heaven.

Middle Eastern Patisserie
Middle Eastern Patisserie

Finally home with my asmiya, after I had eaten my fill of savory I was too full to eat anymore, so there she sits in my fridge , wrapped in till foil in all her creamy glory, maybe just maybe she will ente5ratin my taste buds tonight.
In this time where people are going hungry less us remember this haddith
In Muslim and Bukhari: “The believer eats with one stomach while the kafir eats with seven stomachs.”

Meaning: The believer eats with the manners of Islam and in moderation, while the non believer eats based on desires and gluttony and so he eats with seven stomachs.


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