By Karimah bint Dawoud, well being writer

Over 11 years ago when Allah guided me to Islam ,I took my shahada within a friendly Moroccan community. Like all communities have their positive and negative points and one of those negative points that used to get me vexed , was the eating of fruit after the meal has finished. I pointed out to them, this was unhealthy, but who was I ? Just one little mouthy revert to Islam, mashallah.

Morrocan Smoothie-milk free!
Morrocan Smoothie-milk free!

Many moons have passed and things have improved, maybe lots of mouthy reverts told them this was wrong or someone read the scientific take on this or maybe there is somewhere in The Islamic Arab Scrolls, still untranslated something that says fruit first is best.

So now days when you go to nice houses and nice weddings, they serve these gorgeous smoothies as an appetitizer, packed with natural vitamins, they are great way to start your day , break your fast or start a meal.

Today we are having blue berry, strawberry and banana with a generous squeeze of lemon juice. There is no need for milk as the banana makes it creamy.

Wash all the fruitiness and the bananas in their skins, well you never know where they have been, peel or cut green tops of strawberries and place in jug blender with juice of one lemon and put half to third of the height of the fruit with filtered or bottled water. Just blitz.

There you have it, the prospect of summer in a glass. The health benefits is its good for combating allergies, full of anti oxidants, good for your heart, eyes, hair, skin and nails and giving you energy.

Superstar blueberries high in vitamin K, vitamin C and manganese

Spring strawberries high in amazing amounts of vitamin C, also manganese which gives you energy and combats tiredness, good for diabetes type 2 ,reduces sugar.

Bananas high in vitamin B 6, which is good for nerves, insomnia, irritability, skin hair and nails. bananas also contain vitamin C, manganese and potassium. Potassium is an electrolyte mineral and is good for regulating acid and alkali in blood and body’s water levels.

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