By Karimah bint  Dawoud, muslim chaplain & well being writer.


To be avoided by single men but good for married men, read…..
120 calories per 235ml serving
0 grammes of fat
Carrots are available in the urban world all year round but are really in season in summer and autumn.
They are mentioned by As-Suyuti in Medicine Of The Prophet, salah la laihi wa salem, in Arabic carrots known as ” jazr”.
In Islamic medicine they are known to increase a man’s sexual desire and production of semen, so all you single brother avoid this food for now and avoid those sweets you like.
They contain natural sugar, fructose and glucose but are low in their carbohydrate content and high in fibre which is why they are so health for us. They provide natural sweetness as well as vitamins and mineral .This is why carrots are advised as snack when dieting because of the craving we have for sweetness.
They come in many colours but purple , yellow and red were the only colours available before the 15th century.
Other health benefits include
• 235g of carrots provide over 400% of our daily requirement for vitamin A which is good for eyes and night vision, carrot increase blood flow to eyes which strengthen them.
• Good for skin, skin with acne, good protection against skin infection.
• protein cannot be utilized without vitamin A
• boost immune system
• and if you eat enough give you a healthy orange glow
• 235g/ a cup gives you 230% of your daily vitamin K good for clothing blood and protecting against osteoporosis/weak bones.
If you used a juicer , put the left over pulp in a container and use for coleslaw later that day or for making veggie burger, recipe coming soon inshallah

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