Pure Gold Fudge

Pure Gold Fudge

I have foodie friends, people who either just love eating good food, healthy food, eat from £1 a day sponsor food, creative food makers and gardeners.

One such friend is a vibrant diva of peace, called Irena from  the Love-Pure raw food group.

We have started to swop ideas and skills and  taste each other new creations, its great,there  is a wonderful cultural exchange going on , on many levels.

A couple of days she brought me these blocks of golden happiness; the first taste was OK but seconds later all sorts of flavours starting jumping up at me; the white cocoa kicked in and the googi berries and cocoa leaves, I dont know what else but I wanted more.

Pure Gold Fudge

I was supposed to go to an event, a lecture and graciously thought I will take some to share but after she had gone and eating more of the precious gems I decided to keep it all for myself.

This wonderful raw food fudge is only full of natural goodness, no additives or junk and available from Love-Pure foods.


I laugh, its addicitive, I ration myself to one piece a day and have been warned not to eat it too late at night otherwise  I’ll be up all night taking fotos like these beauties.

More to come inshallah

Love Pure

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