Oriental butternut squash soup (quiththah) squash, Recipe in Heavenly Bites,the best of muslim home cooking.

I have just come down with some weird flu thing, headache stomach ache, you know the sort of thing when the weather keeping changing so an Indian revert  sister recommended me ginger and lemon grass tea.indian culture has a lot to offer in terms of natural medicine thats halal.

With an abundance of fresh lemongrass in my house something needed to be created. Sometime when we have flu, cutting out meat products for a few days does the stomach the world of good and not compensating by overdosing on the diary, so soups, salads and smoothies are perfect way to get nutrients and minerals.

Soups are comforting and squash, part of the pumpkin, melon, cucumber family, one of the favourite foods of the prophet salahla alayhi  wa salem, he used to eat it with dates. Squash is cold and dry and relieves the heat of an inflamed stomach, its high in fibre so good for the heart and is also high in potassium and vit C. Its coldness is harmful to one part of the stomach so it should be eaten with something like ginger zanjabil, that is moist in first degree and hot in the second. Ginger aids the digestion and is also good for the liver; it’s an aphrodisiac and should be eaten with caution by single persons who are not ill.

The lemon grass and coconut give this soup that exotic oriental taste that would make a great starter for an oriental main course like biriani, chicken satay, noodles and even African jolloffe rice. It’s also very quick to make, approximate 30 minutes all in.

Narrated by Anas: I saw the Prophet being served with soup and containing gourd (pumpkin or squash) and cured meat, and I saw him picking and eating the pieces of gourd. [Bukhari Volume 7, Book 65, Number 348] Jaber bin Tareq said “I went to the Prophet (pbuh) in his home and he had Aldaba’a. I said, what is this? He said this gourd, which is Aldeba’s we increase our Eats (or food) with it.” [Al-albani 2400] “The Holy Prophet (phbh), amongst all other foods, liked pumpkin.” [Tirmidhi, Shamail-e-Tirmizi, Kitab Bhavan Publication, New Delhi, 1997, p.137

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