As a revert to Islam, this soup is part of my early memories of becoming a muslim many moons ago .It was autumn time, I was shopping in Little Morocco, an area near where I live and it was Maghreb time,(when the sun goes down) my first Ramadhan, the stall holder from the fruit and veg stall ask me “ sister, have you broken your fast?” I said “no, I’ll do it when I get home” he said “no, sister you must not do that, you must break your fast on time, its Sunnah, they sat me on the back of their lorry and gave me Harira soup and shebakia, Moroccan nutty sweet cakes, that first memory and their love for me as their sister is a relationship of salaams that has lasted to this day alhamdulilah.


This soup is eaten morning and night in morocco and by Moroccan during Ramadhan; this soup is akin to Pakistan halleem without the wheat and is a meal in itself. To the dread of my traditional Moroccan friends I sometimes  add fresh okra to it to give it that Karimah healthy twist

This is one of the best soups in the world maashallah and is custom to break the fast in Morocco during Ramadhan eating this soup after dates and water. There are variations on this dish from region to region, some people add corn flour to thicken it but it’s not necessary as the red lentils thicken the soup anyway. Some people use baked garlic but in Ramadhan I prefer not to, there is no one fixed harira recipe so please add your own variations and let me know the outcome inshallah


Other types of chorba soups are also used at iftar in along the Magreb region from Morocco to Libya. I have heard and seen that sometimes people eat too much at iftar time to compensate for the lack of food during fasting, they become constipated from eating the wrong foods. This is not of the Sunnah and so I have added okra/bamiya to this soup to help cleanse the body and ease elimination of toxins.

INGREDIENTS FOR HARIRIA- lamb,celery, carrots, tomatoes,onions, tomatoes, tomato puree,parsley ,coriander/danyia, mint, basil,  herbs can be fresh or dry, red lentils, tin chickpeas. noodles optional, salt and pepper to taste..instructions on blog tomorrow inshallah

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