Team Cuisina on a Meanwhile Mercy Mission

As salaam alaikum,the peace of the Creator be with you,

Karimah’s Cuisina are currently working in partnership on a project with Mercy Mission Charity  and Meanwhile  Community Gardens to produce a series of cooking programmes to be shown during Ramadhan, the  holy month of fasting, on Sky TV.

Muslimah on a Mercy Mission

It’s a wonderful opportunity  for our volunteers to gain new media and culinary skills and be  in the great outdoors of this amazing community garden , a hidden jewel in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Mercy Mission head hunted Karimah from Islam Channel TV as they were so impressed with her diverse cooking knowledge and  dynamic presentation skills. An admirer of Ramadhan TV and Dr Tawfique Chowdhury   the founder and director general of the Mercy Mission movement.  Karimah took up the new post after praying a special prayer called salat ul istikhra which is used for guidance before embarking on new things.


Karimah’s Cuisina was already familiar with Meanwhile Gardens as it was the place they take their vegetable, teabag and egg shell recycling.

Karimah bint dawoud, director of Karimah’s Cuisina, passionately believes that it’s extremely important for muslims to take an active role in nurturing  the enviroment and its part of the religous practice.

Due to this ongoing relationship between Karimah ansd Chandrika, who is the manager of  Meanwhile Gardens, this TV opportunity was a wonderful vehicle to promote all the amazing work that is going on in our urban communities by nature lovers.

Our Chairman " The Food Stylist" she's also at uni studying business

Team Cuisina is intergenerational, international and inta everything mashallah.. a team of dynamic practicing women of faith , who are blessed with a  a treasure trove of skills and life expereinces mashallah, we have worked on adverts and commercial for clients Gucci, Revlon and Satyan Jewellers, had exhibtions as a team at Leighton House Museum, as God would have it! 

We have  cook book coming out soon inshallah, full of international recipes given a British Muslim twist by Karimah………….Look out for it on the shelves of Waterstones  and WHSmiths

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