…….I am resisting taking tablets for hay fever so I thought I better practice what I preach and put these natural remedies into effect.

Pineapple contains A proteolytic enzyme called  bromelain that helps in the digestion of proteins. For this reason can help to prevent blood clots.

This natural chemical bromelain holds the key to many of this tropical fruits healing properties.

Bromelain has  been found to be a good anti inflammatory  and for this reason is good for arthritis ,sinuses and throat problems like hay fever where they sinuses and throat become inflamed.

For maximum effectiveness eat or have the juice on an empty stomach.

It’s also a great anti oxidant that helps fight the signs of ageing – Alhamdulillah! no Botox for me, I prefer to do this the natural way  with the cures that the Creator has provide for us

Its helps in fighting deteriation of the eye sight

It contains another wonderful enzyme called manganese which helps provide the body with energy

When I was young there was a book sensation called the Beverly Hills Diet, where the author, Judy Mazel, advocated eating  lots of pineapple for the first ten days of the diet, the book is now considered by nutritionist to be a fad diet book though it was embraced my many celebrities. I even got to meet the author and do her makeup for a video she did for a record company.

There is no doubt that the pineapple is  a wonderful fruit and  has many healing and beneficial properties and has kept me relative drug free during this year’s hay fever season…alhmdulilah..all praise is due to the creator of the heavens and earth ameen

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  1. Hayfever sufferer says:

    MaashaAllaah great read. Any other natural hayfever combatants you’d recommend?

    1. as salaam alaikum, i used to eat local honey, so I still buy English honey where ever i can, because the bees get nutrients from the flora that in the area that you live which is better for you than honey from somewhere like Australia, if you live in Australia buy Australia honey, but when in the UK buy British

      1. muminah says:

        just needed to mention it has to b natural uncooked honey . when they cook the honey it is no better than liquid sugar . so it must remain unaltered

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