Slippery Elm Smoothie.

The Stomach health is the seat of all health and ill health often manifests from problems in the stomach which are often connect to problems in the brain and thinking patterns.

This smoothie is suitable for patients you do not want to eat or cannot eat hard food due to

  • Dental problems
  • Ulcers
  • Gastric flu
  • Stomach cancer
  • Throat problems

Slippery Elm Powder .This powdery herb is a little miracle for sensitive stomachs.

When  there has been a bug going round that we  can’t ignore, and for the body to heal itself, sometimes you need to take the stress off the body by stopping animal products.

 we  also need to support the body’s healing , remember “trust in Allah and tie our camel”.

Slippery elm is a Native American remedy, it’s the dried inner bark of the elm tree

 slippery elm is a food and a healer, it is what is known as a “mucilage” which means it produce a sort of healthy slime that travels through the gut healing and removing anything not very good. Slippery Elm Bark is a herb derived from the Elm (Ulmus) family. Native to Canada and the US, it can be found growing in the Appalachian Mountains. The inner bark is collected from trees which are at least 10 years old, and is mainly powdered for therapeutic use.

At Karimah’s Cuisina we do variations of this smoothie depending on the reason for the patient taking it; fasting with sensitive stomach, ulcer, and gastric flu and the time of the day the patient needs.

For the basic recipe you will need:-

1 heap table spoon of slippery elm powder (do not buy Thompsons they were mixing it with flour)

1-2 ripe bananas

10-20ml honey

3-400ml room temperature drinking water

5g cinnamon (anti inflammatory, optional)

5g turmeric , haldi (antibiotic with a small pinch of black pepper, optional)

5g  ginger (anti-inflammatory, combats nausea, safe for pregnant mothers, otional)


Place all ingredients in a jug blender and blitz till smooth.

Quran and Sunnah Foods

This receipt contains  water, banana, honey, all foods mentioned by Allah in the Quran.

Alhamdulilah rabeel alameen

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