I was told yesterday at a meeting of charities that have and are providing services for #grenfelltower residents that I should tone it down, my attitude, my articulation.

I wasn’t swearing and  name calling, just being quite directive to make sure the facilitators were documenting our feedback because they know they will have to minute it and act upon it.

I am not used to elderly white women tell me to tone it down, I wasn’t raised like that , my father is South African; African, Asian and Scottish, we were educated to be articulate and questioning.

A Pan African sister told me, ” they see you as black and you are supposed to say ” yes massa”

it was strange and caused a commotion in me

 i know four people personally that passed away in the fire, as a community in ladbroke grove, north Kensington nearly every family has been touched by this fire

alhmdulilah for my faith in Allah





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