FEED THE NEED JANUARY 2017-feeding the homeless on the streets of central london


JINN POSSESED MAN TAKES SHADAHA WITH US ON STREET….Last week we were out on the street FEED THE NEED, feeding the homeless on the streets of Central London a man , an English man came and took food and asked for a sleeping bag which we gave him, iERA brothers there with us, after we finished giving the man started speaking with the brothers about islam, the brothers gave him Quran on the phone to listen to the man dropped down in front of us and rolling around on the pavement, subhana ‘allah I never saw this before on the street, so i started to say “aaoothou bilairhi minar shatan ne regime”, brothers noT flinching, they’d seen it before , another time another place, still standing strong, maasha’allah.
The man calmed down, brothers still giving him Quran to listen to , i was reciting ayat al kursi keeping behind brothers , staying safe alhmdulilah, brothers wanted to go back to dowaa stall and i said i was going home, best to leave this to brothers as the man wanted to coem with them to dowaa stall….he went to teh dowaa stall and took shahada, tears in my eyes again, when i found out earlier i was sobbing…Allah works in Mysterious ways, subhana Allah we are blessed to have @iera with us ameen

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