as salaam alaikum honeys, insha’allah you are well and blessed by Allah with steadfast eman,
we were out on the street the other night feeding homeless people in charring cross
and one of them mentioned no-one brings any food in the morning, someone brings tea and coffee,
but no food
currently we can insha’Allah manage to cook perfect porridge with spices cinnamon, tumeric and a little pepper,
old brown bananas that are full of anti cancer nutrients plus we use water and organic milk which we will get insha’allah from Aldi,

it can be taken hot to distribute in those hard salad picnic cool boxes and ladled out into disposable bowls or paper cups,
please let us know if you want to help or donate or set up your own PEOPLES PORRIDGE PROJECT

It is vital when giving charity that a QUALITY STANDARD is maintained, it is not about bums on seat giving cheap food,
we feel that this has been one of the main factor in our responsibility as emergency food distributors that we give the poor and needy
good quality food alhmdulilah rabeel alameen

please get in touch, jazakumallahkhayrun

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